Introducing TePe GOOD™

  • A new toothbrush with the same qualities, design and feeling, as you would expect from TePe, but made from bio-based plastic.
  • Available sizes: regular, compact and mini.
  • Comes with soft or extra soft bristles.
  • 100% bio-based bristles made from castor oil.
  • Handle made from sugar cane.

We've done great. Now it's time to do GOOD.


For us, sustainability is about well-being, both for people and the environment.


TePe’s products are manufactured with 100% green energy.

The largest solar power plant in Malmo is on our factory roof, so on sunny days we can produce all our toothbrushes from solar energy!

We manage to recycle 95% of the CO2 emissions during it’s life cycle.

Dispose of the handle and brush as household waste. The packaging can be recycled.

Learn more about TePe’s sustainability work