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TePe Orthodontic Brush

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    TePe Interdental Brushes – Original

    0 out of 5
    249.00 ฿819.00 ฿

    The original range of TePe Interdental Brushes comprises nine colour coded sizes to fit narrow and wider interdental spaces. All brushes have plastic coated wire for safety and comfort. The user friendly handle offers a stable grip which enables cleaning with controlled movements. The smaller brush sizes (0–3) have a flexible neck for increased durability and access. The larger brush sizes (4–8) have a thicker bendable wire.



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    TePe Implant Care™

    0 out of 5
    159.00 ฿

    The unique, angled neck of Implant Care enables easy access to the lingual and palatal surfaces of implants. A small brush head with long filaments facilitates reach under the prosthetic construction. Implant Care is also suitable for retroclined teeth, lingual orthodontic appliances and other difficult-to-reach areas.



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    TePe EasyPick™

    0 out of 5
    319.00 ฿

    Interdental cleaning made easy, suitable for many user groups. It is durable and flexible with a steady grip. The silicone coating efficiently removes plaque and feels comfortable on the gums. Recommended for daily use, alone or as a complement to other interdental cleaning products. Safe for use around orthodontic appliances, implants and bridges.

    • Easy interdental cleaning
    • Flexible for easy reach
    • Use on the go – anytime, anywhere



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    TePe Interdental Travel Case

    0 out of 5
    89.00 ฿
    • Practical, on the go Interdental Brush storage
    • Fits easily in your pocket, purse or briefcase
    • Holds six interdental brushes with caps
    • Air holes provide good ventilation allowing the bristles to dry quickly
    • Also suitable for TePe Mini Flosser™ and/or TePe Dental Sticks
    • Recyclable